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Caption: I just had to hang the brides shoes in this vibrant bush that was located behind the Brides parents house near Dunsford Ontario.

Keywords: brides shoes, red tree

I just had to hang the brides shoes in this vibrant bush that was located behind the Brides parents house near Dunsford Ontario.    I placed the rings in the bottom of the glass and used available light. Great way to get diffused light   An elegent yellow rose hugs the Brides ring. Simple and effective shot using available light. The contrast between the painted deck and the flowers was perfect for this detail shot! or perhaps he was just two fisting it.....none the less a great detail shot...not to mention my favourite beer...Corona....Ahhhhh The beads, flowers, Vera Wang dress......excellent tack sharp details   wonderful table settings from Graydon Hall, Toronto Ontario I've never seen Bob so happy. He took time out from his building schedule to show off the couples bling. I have always liked this simple ring shot on the daisy. The original colour of the daisy was alterd in photoshop to add a little punch and spice up the shot.  You have to love the girls that go the distance and match even the shoes....shot in Lindsay Ontario, Victoria Park  the contrast between the red roses and the white is great! Love the clarity and texture of the flowers. Shot in Peterborough Ontario  Spiderman holds the ring as a young guest captures a wedding moment. Future competition   Both of these details were shot in Mankato Minnesota. The yellow flowers and muted tones of the figure were excellent for these detail shots. Both shot using available light. placed the rings inside this decoration for tealights. I'm always looking for odd places to highlight the wedding bands. Now that is some serious bling! Loved the red shoes! Great back lighting, great shoes....great legs!
Shot with a punch of artificial light from a camera mounted Canon flash hanging candles compliment the wonderful setting at Chateau De Charmes, Niagara-On-The-Lake also shot during a wedding in Peterbourgh Ontario this older fine gentlemens clothing grabbed my attention. I just love the different lines and textures in his clothing As the bride finished dressing Chantal noticed this great reflection. I pushed Chantal aside (thanking her of course) and took this shot. Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario this small figurine was a handy prop to hold the Brides ring. Shot in Brantford Ontario using available window light